Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Zipz Shoes

A little bit about Zipz Shoes taken from their website:
We know a zipper is simple, but the idea of a zipper within a shoe, in a circular design, may be new to some. Please download our simple instructional PDF and get busy zippin'. A. DESIGN. Choose your favorite COVERS, in zipalicious gallery of styles, design, and colors. B. ZIPZ. Choose your SOUL, the heart of our ZIPZ® Shoe, then combine the COVERS + SOULS for complete feet satisfaction. C. LOVE. Spread the ZIPZ® love by celebrating your fantastic discovery of ZIPZ® with others.
The First True Interchangeable Shoe
ZIPZ® Switch. Our inventive, patented ZIPZ technology, in both design and utility, allows one to change their shoe looks as fast as one might change their mind. Our stylish and removable COVERS, along with our durable, flexible SOULS, are available in ZIPALI-
CIOUS choice of colors, designs, and styles. ZIPZ® are comfortable, fun, funky fashion for your feet.

3 Monkeys Thoughts:
I really was in a big "WOW" moment when I came across a chance to review these shoes. I have never seen anything like them before and was so ready to do this one. It was my first pair of shoes to review, and I am glad I did the best shoe because my kid really loved them. As soon as he open the box he put them right on his feet. He was ready to wear them to school and show them off knowing that no one had shoes like them at school. They are really cool how the tops of the shoes unzip from the sole, this is so you can change the style of the shoe a long with your clothes. You will always be able to make your shoes match your outfits with these shoe. The best part is you don't have to have 50 different pairs of shoes taken up space you don't have in the first place. Buy one pair of the Zipz Shoes then but different tips. DESIGN~ZIP~LOVE!!!!!! What a great motto or saying to go with these shoes. Always remember that saying when looking over their website. You can get high top, low top, or just slip on shoes. There is a shoes style and design to fit anyone from all ages both young and old.
Here some picture of me and my Zipz Shoes:

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