Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Headline Shirts

A little bit about Headline Shirts from their website:
Headline Shirts creates funny t-shirts from themes in the news: pop culture, politics, music and of course history (like the 80s!). When something happens in your world, Headline Shirts is on the scene to make a t-shirt about it. We're there so quickly, in fact, that you may even be a little suspicious - wait that's already a t-shirt? Like, did we just happen to be there, or did we know that was going to happen ahead of time? Worse yet, were we somehow responsible? Yikes.

Anyway, you may wonder what type of shirts we specialize in. The answer is, “Precisely.” We make t-shirts that are funny, provocative, cool, hot, liberal, reactionary, libertarian, Whig party, rock ‘n roll, Muzaky, offensive, innocuous, tuxedo-related, vintage, 80s, 90s, and t-shirts that simply don't make any damn sense.

So our only “agenda” is making you look and feel good (and maybe help you learn a little something about yourself).

3 Monkey's & 1 Lady's Thoughts:

This is a image of the shirt I got from Headline Shirts for this blog. Thank you so much Headline for the shirt. When I got the package and open it the first thing that hit me was how soft the shirt was, not at all heavy or scratchy like some t-shirts can be.They wash the shirt before they mail it for extra softness. My Headline Shirts t-shirt is awesome. My husband really like the shirt he thought it was funny as did my brother. I won’t get into my political or philosophical reasons for choosing the shirt because it is a long story so we will just put it that the shirt reminded me of my dad who pasted 14 years ago. If you don't believe me about the shirt being so soft go and order your own and you will see. I like witty shirts, and Headline Shirts offers a ton of those to chose from, so just wonder on over and check them out.
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