Monday, March 19, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Harvey Prince Parfums - Ageless

A little bit about Harvey Prince Parfums taken from their website:

Harvey Prince was founded by two brothers as a gift for their mother.
We craft inspired, high-quality fragrances, each with its own spirit and story.
It began with a rebellious idea: boutique-quality scents should not be overwhelming, overpriced, and filled with toxic chemicals. Then came the inspiration: our mother, who loves honest products that feel and smell great. One Mother's Day, we crafted a scent that captured her effortless and radiant aura. The result: Ageless, the first of our signature fragrances to take on the industry's usual cosmetics-counter fare.

We take great pride in using only the finest ingredients for each note in every scent, with no toxic chemicals still found in many commonly used perfumes. We draw on the expertise of leading dermatologists, doctors, scientists and scent experts to create fragrances with a purpose, each with its own inspired scent and story. Find your favorite.

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Who is Harvey Prince?
Our mother is our inspiration: she radiates warmth and turns heads wherever she goes. Harvey Prince is a salute to breathing magic into every moment, and taking on every day with confidence. We hope your new fragrance will bring out the magic you have inside of you.

Perfumes should be easily accessible and speak for who you are.
All of our products are made with love, quality, & you in mind.
  • Crafted locally in the USA, using the finest essential & natural oils from around the world.
  • 100% Cruelty Free.
  • Absolutely no animal testing, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, benzene, GMOs, or triclosan.

Melt Him With Joy.

Try Eau De Creme, the scent of summer bliss. The satisfying rush of your favorite scoop.

Practice Safe Scent.

It's time for Coupling. Enchanting lavender, gardenia, & jasmine, for making him all yours.

Our Hottest Item.

Why flirt when you can have a fling? Eau Fling is cool, light, & casual.

The Lady's Thoughts:

There is just something about smelling fabulous that gives you a huge boost of confidence and can make a women feel sexy in her own little way that no one words can explain. I am always trying to found a sent that I like but it seems to come hard. I am a bit picky, and like fresh scents; not too sweet, not too heavy. Luckily, I had the opportunity to try a fragrance from Harvey Prince.

I was giving the chance to review the Ageless and a Ageless T-Shirt sent from Harvey Prince. I really love the smell as does my husband. It said it was not to strong and had just the right bang for him. I am very comfortable wearing it which is very important to me.

If you are looking for some good wholesome perfume, then look no more, because Harvey Prince is just a click away. Head on over and check out all the lovely perfumes they have to chose from.

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Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.

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