Friday, April 13, 2012

EdenFantasys: Fantasies

 *****WARNING: this post has link that will take you to an adult only site. Also has photos that maybe not be good for younger eyes. Please take caution when opening if this post if you don't like to see sexual things*****

Ideas for Love Sex Fantasies

EdenFantasys has great thing going on with the site these day. One of the thing that I found great is the Ideas for Love for making all your sex fantasies come true.

All you have to do it go the this line for the fantasies and pick your theme. This is where all the fun will start because you will get build you own fantasies and make them come true. I know I had a lot of fun trying it out.
Here is the themes:
Okay lets say we pick the Romantic Couple, and the only reason I say that is because I am getting married in just a week. Now click on Romantic Couple.

Now we are going to pick the box we would like to make out fantasy real life. Here is a few of the boxes you can pick from:

by MindMuseMandy
Chocolate or Sex? Try both at the same time with this chocolate body fondue, ID juicy lube together with "Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex" to get the highest level of pleasure!Buy fantasy kit and save
Our price: $34.82
$40.97 value
You save 15.01%
by MindMuseMandy
Create an unforgettable romantic night full of passion and pleasure. Save on Liberator shag throe and Wet sex lubricant!
Buy fantasy kit and save
Our price: $82.43
$96.98 value
You save 15.00%
by Not My Own Woman
Have you ever imagined masturbating while your partner watches? Then being fucked hard? Well, this story is for you. Check out Eden's lingerie, grab some stockings – you're going for a spin.
Buy fantasy kit and save
Our price: $10.19
$11.99 value
You save 15.01%
by Sleeping Dreamer
Sex toys make long distance sex even better. Enjoy this fantasy story and learn how you can use your web cam in most seductive and sexy way.
Buy fantasy kit and save
Our price: $126.62
$148.97 value
You save 15.00%
 That is just four of the kits you can buy. You can also summit you own fantasy. Just click on the photo below if you would like to tell EdenFantasys what you fantasy is.

 Now back to getting you very own box for the you sex fantasy night. Lets say I picked the Passion by the Pale Moonlight. Click on the name to take you to the story behind the box and also will let you know what is inside of your box. This box contains:

Wet naturals sensual strawberry – lubricant

 3 fl.oz. $11.99  
1.5 fl.oz. $9.99

Liberator shag throethrow

 In red, purple, or black.

Our Price


 Click add to cart, then pay for your fantasy box. Now all that is left is to sit and wait for the box to arrive and you will be ready to have the best sex night of your life.


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