Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EdenFantasys: Valentine's Day Playbook

****Warning this post has links that will take you to a site that sell adult toys. If you don't like these kind of sites please do not click on any of the links.****

With Valentine's Day coming up, what better way to spend the night then heating up the night with you love. EdenFantasys has a great playbook for Valentine's Day this year. You have sexy gifts to complete your Valentine's Day, complete you fantasy with a sex kit, better sex made simple, explore your fantasies, Intimacy Enhanced, and set the mood. These are the plays you can find in the playbook.

Here is a few of the gift you can get for that special lady in your life:

First lets Set The Mood. Here is some of the stuff you can get to help you set the mood:
Two moods to pick from:
Mood #1 - 
Romantic Night In Sensual Bath And Massage

Mood #2 - 
                         Sexy Night Out - Remote Control Toys

As you can see they playbook gives you a lot of great ideas. Head on over to EdenFantasys you might just take a lesson out of the old playbook and spice up the night.


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