Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Levaqua® 220 OneTouch™ Fixed Digital Showerhead

 Levaqua® 220 OneTouch™ Fixed Digital Showerhead – retail price: $59.99 – $89.99
cid:image003.png@01CD028F.5B5DDF70The Levaqua® FH220’s built-in digital technology allows consumers to choose from four invigorating spray settings, two timer settings, and two pre-programmed spa settings - “relax” and “refresh” - at the touch of a button.  Each program uses a variety of spray patterns to create a luxurious spa experience. Consumers can also choose between “pause,” “timer” or “eco” settings, all of which are designed to encourage water conservation.  The unit also features self-cleaning nozzles for easier maintenance that help reduce mineral and hard water buildup; blue LED indicator lights; and easy installation that takes mere minutes.

cid:image001.png@01CD028F.5B5DDF70Lady's Thoughts:
I really love my new shower head and was so happy when I was giving the chance to review this product. Let me just say, I feel like I am in heaven when I take a shower now. The shower head I did was old and nasty but I love this one and the fact it cleans itself. The shower head was very easy for my husband to install, he was done before I knew what he was doing. As soon as I got the package and opened it up, he jumped up grabbed to go install it. He was so ready to take a shower that night to try it out. And I am more of bath type of person but I did try a bath that night and it was great. The giant head on it made me fall in love. The different setting make it all the better. And don't think well it is touch and going to be hard to under stand, it is very easy to use trust me, my two boys even know how to use it. So if you need to get rid of you old nasty shower head, go ahead and head on over and order you a Levaqua 220 OneTouch.

Designed to offer an all-encompassing indulgence for your senses, these fixed showerheads provide the ultimate showering experience. Featuring spa-inspired programs, such as relax, energize and timer, 10 digitally controlled settings and maximum water flow optimization, this series lets you surrender to the pleasure of a comprehensive home spa feel. Remote control option is available in select models.
5.6” Round shower
Digital touch controls
Flow regulator
Remote control
Maximum flow optimization technology
5 year warranty

Full body surround spray™
Eco for up to 20% water savings
Pulsating massage
Massage and full body surround combo
Spa inspired programs

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Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Photobucket

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